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7" Dual Shock Kit w/Dirt Logic 2.25 Resi Shocks - 2014-17 Ram 2500 4WD & 2013-17 Ram 3500 4WD

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Included Shocks

Increase the damping of your Ram’s front suspension with Fabtech’s Dual Shock Kit. This bolt on kit allows the installation of two additional shocks for extra damping capacity. The factory position shocks do not need to be replaced with this kit as you are adding one additional shock per side. This kit locates the additional shock forward of the coil spring bucket allowing full lock to lock turning radius with large tires.

The Dual Shock Kit comes with two shocks as it utilizes the two existing factory position shocks with all Fabtech 7” Systems


Oty Part # Description
1 FTS23128 Component Box w/ 2 Dirt Logic 2.25 Resi Shocks



184. Passenger dual shock bracket must be removed to change engine oil filter.

Dirt Logic 2.25 Stainless Steel Resi

Dirt Logic 2.25's are designed to replace factory shocks with a larger, more robust configuration. The 2.25 size is what separates it from other replacement take apart shocks for a superior ride, both on and off road. Shocks are pretuned for each Fabtech suspension, accounting for larger tires, providing the finest all around damping.

  • - 2.25" OD Stainless Steel Body
  • - 2.0" OD Billet Aluminum Piston
  • - 7/8" NitroSteel┬« Black Piston Rod
  • - Polyurethane Mounting Ends
  • - 2.25" OD Aluminum Reservoir w/-6 Stainless Steel O-ring Hose
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