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Fabtech’s 8” Radius Arm system for the Ford Super Duty is built to handle the on and offroad demands of the truck enthusiast. This Radius Arm system is a heavy duty upgrade to the factory suspension and will provide additional strength to the vehicle.

Fabtech’s 8” 4 Link Conversion System for the Ford Super Duty is designed to provide maximum suspension performance for both on and offroad use. The system replaces the factory Radius Arm suspension with heavy duty 4 Link components for increased strength and functionality. The system will provide less caster change throughout the travel range which benefits on road driving. When offroad the 4 Link system will provide more articulation than a Radius Arm for increased terrain traversing at all speeds.

This high end coilover conversion features Fabtech’s stainless steel Dirt Logic 4.0 or 2.5 Coilovers for superior damping capacity. These premium Coilovers have been tuned to provide a smooth highway ride with the ability to tackle the toughest terrains. Available with Fabtech Radius Arm and 4 Link Systems, or individually to upgrade an existing suspension system.